health care mngt 4.1

Imagine your team has been given the task of consulting with a local health care facility that has been experiencing some issues with its staff. Leadership of the facility has noted the main issues being communication, motivation, and teamwork, and has asked you to provide some strategies to improve these areas.Note: Second-level bullets (considerations) are meant to guide the students in creating their responses; the expectation is not that the response would specifically address each component.Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word proposal in which you:Explain strategies that can be used to create efficient and effective teams.What are the essential elements of effective teams?How are teams used in other industries, such as aviation, auto racing, and the military?What best practices from other industries could be applied in the health care industry?Explain strategies that can be used to manage conflict within teams.Explain strategies that can be used to communicate effectively in a health care organization.Why does an organizational model matter when considering communication?How should an organization communicate with or involve employees in formulating solutions to problems?What communication techniques are most effective for sharing information and ideas?What communication techniques have proven to be ineffective?How might technology also affect the communication process?Describe methods management can use to motivate employees. Consider what theoretical concepts support this.Explain why you believe these choices would be effective.Cite 3 references, one of which may be the course textbook.Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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