Health Information Technologies

You have been hired as a summer intern in not-for-profit advocating for the technological progress of health care systems. In order to develop a strategic plan, your supervisor asked you to prepare a report on:1. Assess five (5) types of Health Information Technologies (HIT) used today in terms of their influence on healthcare clinical outcomes AND organizational processes improvement. Analyze the challenges (administrative and managerial) each HIT type is facing in terms of adoption and performance in HC organizations. You were asked to present it in a tabular format. Make sure to label all columns and row clearly.2. Healthcare industry uses various types of health information technology systems: one for healthcare administration, called Healthcare Management Information Systems (HMIS), and the other for clinical functions, termed as Health Information Management Systems (HIMS).Using the Internet search locate one in each category and Compare and contrast them with respect to their five (5) functionalities. While defining the main users for each system (now many?), analyze the specific needs each user type is requiring the system to meet. Specifically, evaluate the systems’ value and operability for the administrative, managerial, and clinical healthcare decision-making. This portion of the assignment may be developed in a mixed table/narrative report format.Make sure to clearly understand the terminology, and format all supportive evidence in APA 7.

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