Healthcare Administration Capstone – Week #8 Assignment 3

Healthcare Administration Capstone – Week #8 Assignment 3Presenting your Capstone ProjectAs a researcher and Master’s Degree candidate, you have spent a lot of time developing, writing and polishing your Capstone Project.  The final stage in the completion of your research assignment is to present a summary of your work.  This document will outline the steps necessary to fulfill this requirement.  Please reference theCapstone Project Presentation Rubricfor grading guidelines.Summarize your Capstone Project using Microsoft PowerPointWhile there is no minimum or maximum number of slides, the following serves only as a recommendation. You may need more slides based on the scope of your project. It is unlikely that you will use less. Total slides: 7–12Chapter 12 to 3 slides2 minutes total lengthChapter 21 to 2 slides2 minutes total lengthChapter 32 to 3 slides2 minutes total lengthChapter 41 to 2 slides2 minutes total lengthChapter 51 to 2 slides2 minutes total lengthDo not overcrowd your slides with information. Use key words and small phrases on the slides to avoid overwhelming the audience with too much data. The following provides great tips on developing a solid presentation: your slides are complete, return and add the narration. Total length of narration: no more than 10 minutes. Microsoft Office provides easy to follow instructions to complete this portion:  You can also review this tutorial on how to record audio into your presentation: your completed presentation to the dropbox, or to YouTube. The following support document from Google outlines this process:  You will also need to upload your project to the discussion forum for Week 8.If you uploaded your project to YouTube, copy the URL (web address) for your file and post this in the assignment dropbox, and to the discussion forum for Week 8. Note: you can choose to make your file unlisted on YouTube to ensure security and privacy.*Reminder: Your completed presentation is due in the Week 8 discussion forum no later than Thursday – Day 2.

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