My next assignment is writing a 1-page application paper on Values and Principals.

Assignment Directions from Instructor.

You will have to identity 3 values and principles that are critical for social work practice in the Macro social environment. 1) What are some inherent dilemmas faced by social work practitioners? 2) Please relate this to your volunteering or work experience in a social service agency. Hint** ( I did my volunteer at the ” Child Crisis Center of El Paso”) <– You can always google their website.

My paper will be graded based on the relevancy of my papers thesis/idea, critical analysis, application of the Human Behaivor Social Enviroment perspectives, orginization, structure, and quality of writing. Paper will also need to be set in APA format.

you will then have to create a 5 min powerpoint presentation on the values and principals you wrote about my paper which I will have to present.

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