HI 320-8: Healthcare Data Unit 4 Combining Forms Key Assessment ( MS Access)

I only Need the written 300 word SummaryTo create a MPI form and an Admits formAssignment Description:In this class, we will be creating and using Access Databases. You must have Microsoft Access on your computer to complete these assignments. IF you do not have Microsoft Access on your computer, go to the Bookstore tab on Blackboard, scroll down to the bottom of the page, there are instructions on how to obtain the Microsoft Office Suite.There are four main objects that we will be working with in Access Database. They include Tables, Forms, Queries, and Reports. For this assignment, you will be creating forms in an access database using the access database attached (Step03-Build-Forms).Download access database. Follow the attached step-by-step instructions on how to build the MPI form and the Admits form.Follow the step by step instructions, when complete, take a screen shot of your access database showing the created forms.Prepare a 300 word summary as to why these forms are important and how they can be used.Submit your screenshot and summary for grading.

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