Answer each of the following questions from chapter 17 of your reading in the Foner textbook, and type them into this document. Upload and submit these completed homework questions to our Canvas course site by the Sunday 11:59PM deadline for credit.

Be sure that your answers are written in your own words, and that if you choose to quote from the textbook that the quoted material is offset by quotation marks and a page number reference in parenthesis is provided as citation.

Please submit your files as either Word or pdf documents. No other file formats are acceptable.

Final note: I am evaluating the quality of your written answers, and will score you submission on the accuracy, completion, and clarity of your answers. Check out the Homework Guide under Week 3 for more guidance.

  1. Who were the “Redeemers” and what did that label mean? What were their goals and objectives?
  2. When did the movement for segregation begin, and what were its key developments? What practical effect did the “separate but equal” Supreme Court decision have?
  3. How did the national move toward reconciliation in the 1880s and 1890s influence the popular memory of the Civil War and Reconstruction? What was the “Lost Cause” in popular culture?
  4. What does Foner mean by “suffrage throughout the country was increasingly becoming a privilege not a right.”? (529)
  5. What does the anti-Chinese sentiment in America during the late 1800s suggest about American attitudes toward immigrants?
  6. How did the “women’s era” also suggest a more restrictive view of American identity even as it supported women’s rights?
  7. What does Foner suggest was a key incentive for companies like Singer Sewing Machines and Standard Oil to support American expansion overseas? How does America’s annexation of Hawaii illustrate that same interest?
  8. By what logic did American policy makers and the Supreme Court justify the more restrictive and limited scope of freedom allowed to those native peoples overseas who lived under American authority?
  9. What does Foner mean by “benevolent” imperialism? (544)


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