HIST 1112 America’s Superpower During the Cold War Research Paper

How and why did the Cold War contribute to the U.S.’s emergence as a world superpower after World War Two to 1991?

write a 1,000-word response, no more and no less (+/- about fifty words). This intellectual exercise demands that you USE YOUR OWN WORDS. The use of information from internet sources outside of class (e.g. Wikipedia) will be considered cheating. You are allowed to use your textbook for additional information, This assignment evaluates your comprehension of the lectures.

*The Introduction must set the historical scene (What is going on at the time?) and then explain what you will argue and why. When teachers say they expect an analysis, they mean they want you to gather information and ask questions about the material that begin with these two words: how and why?

*In particular, you will notice that each of the following essay prompts asks you to make several analytical judgments: you need to decide which historical factors are most important, explain how they shaped the course of the event, and argue why they were (and are) ultimately significant in U.S. History.

*Here’s how you do that: You begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence stating which factor you argue is most important and why. Defend this claim as thoroughly as you possibly can, using evidence, facts, drawing connections, and providing a strong and rigorous interpretation throughout the paragraph. Repeat in each paragraph. To successfully answer the question, you should present three to five well-defended factors, which contributed in significant ways to U.S. History. Again, if you find it difficult to decide on which factors to analyze, use my lectures as a guide.

*This essay is only four pages; thus, there is no need to waste time simply restating the claims you just made in the preceding paragraphs once again in the conclusion. Rather, conclude with a projection into later years beyond the scope of your essay: how did these factors continue to play a role in later years? Why are these aspects of this historical event important for students of history to know and understand?

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