History 7A Exam U.S, TO1877

You may cut and paste or write your answers directly on the submission page. Please include your name at the top of the final submission.

***Answers must be based on the textbook and other assigned videos/readings from the course. Do not COPY or PLAGIARIZE from the internet or other sources. Otherwise, you may receive a FAILING grade for the exam***


Short Answer: For each of the following terms, write a 2-3 sentence response in which you provide its main significance for U.S. history (“It is significant for U.S. history because…”).

Bacon’s Rebellion
Indentured servants
Seven Years’ War (French and Indian War)
Bill of Rights
War of 1812
Louisiana Purchase
The Lewis and Clark expedition
“Era of Good Feeling”
Know-Nothing Party
Seneca Falls Convention


Answer one of the following questions. Your response must be 200-300 words.

1. Give three examples of the ways in which relations with France influenced domestic U.S. politics in the 1780s and 1790s. Analyze the outcomes.

2. Examine and explain the forces that created the concept of “Manifest Destiny.” How did Manifest Destiny shape the growth of the United States in the nineteenth century? What were some of the arguments by those who did not embrace the idea of Manifest Destiny?

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