Due 2 March

Turn-it-In on Moodle

The first midterm asks you to reflect back on the first weeks of class. It is divided into two parts: short essays and critical essay. For the questions in Part I you should write short responses, approximately 450 words each. For Part II, the essays should be more substantial and be approximately 750 words each.

Part I:

Using the readings from the syllabus, and making sure to use direct quotes from those readings, answer the following questions. Use the Jenkins and Cooper to answer these questions.

1. How has the term “identity” been defined in different ways? (450 words)

2. What is the relationship between “self” and “identity”? (450 words)

Part II:

In answering the following questions please use evidence (examples and quoted passages) from the source referenced in the question. You will also be graded on how well you apply the theories referenced in PART I to develop your answer (Jenkins and Cooper).

3. Compare and Contrast the following characters from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby in terms of how they represent ideas of “identity,” “identification,” and “self,”: Nick, Jay, Daisy, and Myrtle. (750 words)

4. In what ways in Natalie Zemon Davis’s The Return of Martin Guerre about one’s ability to shape one’s own identity and what does she show us about the limits to shaping one’s self? (750 words)

The point of an essay exam is to do the following:

  • Show you understand concepts that provide the basis for the course
  • Show you can use those concepts to interpret specific materials
  • Show you can make connections, see relationships, draw comparisons and contrasts
  • Show you can synthesize diverse information in support of an original assertion
  • Show you can justify your own evaluations based on appropriate criteria
  • Show you can procure relevant secondary evidence to support your claims
  • Show you can argue your own opinions with convincing evidence
  • Show you can think critically and analytically about a subject[1]

Your exams will be graded according to the following criteria:

Introduction and Thesis Statement-20%

“Roadmap” Must tell me what you’re discussing in the essay. Your thesis statement

should be a clear, concise statement responding to the exam question.


Evidence in the form of quotes, paraphrasing, and summarizing.


Correct and consistent citations (MLA or Chicago/Turabian) of ALL materials used (both

paraphrasing and direct quotes)


Tells the reader what you’ve argued and how you’ve proven your point

Accuracy, Organization and Style-30%

Demonstration of command of arguments and evidence. Arguments supported

by evidence. Avoidance of sweeping claims and generalizations. Good grammar and


Please submit all four essays in one document/file via Moodle/Turn it In by 11:59 PM on Friday, 2 March. The essays must be typed in 12-point Times New Roman Font with one-inch margins.

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