Attached you will find the Class 5 Summary document, Readings 2, 3 and the one on Sandy Hook. Make sure you read the Class Summary document first, it contains all the instructions you will need and details the posting that you are required to make in the Discussion Forum by 1/14. In the Discussion Forum you should write at least one or two sentences in response to the questions. In case you have had difficulties accessing the Sandy Hook article in the Class Summary I have reposted it below and also as an attachment Homicide/ Femicide After reading about this topic in the Course Materials section, please answer the following questions by replying to this posting. 1. Do you think that stricter gun control laws could prevent another tragedy, such as that which occurred at Sandy Hook elementary school, from occurring? 2. What is meant by ‘femicide’? 3. Answer a or b: a) Read the case studies on homicide in Barak, chapter 2; what, if any, are the similarities and differences between mass killer Timothy McVeigh, serial rapist and killer Arohn Kee, and family killer Bob Rowe? OR b) Describe what is meant by ‘honor killing’ and the impact that it has on women and their communities. I’ll attach the 1st reading “Guardian article on Sandy Hook”

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