Hi I need help with my discussion on my paper concerning British imperialism in India. Based on Vladimir Lenin and John Hobson’s respective thesises on imperialism I am to connect these theories to two fictional poems by Rudyard Kipling – “Recessional” and “Tommy”, by use of historic criticism. Nothing huge. only a 5-10 lines. The only thing that I have managed to write is the following:

“In “Tommy”, which was written under the Victorian Age, he may be involving experiences from his own life in Britain, since he describes his own how poorly the british soldiers are treated. Undertones of imperialism is visible in many of his works, especially “Recession”, which he wrote in his adult-years, where he speaks of the end British imperialism, just as Hobson and Lenin do in their respective theories.”

English is not my native language, but I hope you are able to understand.

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