The goal is to answer the question,integrate class material in support, and answer shows mastery of subject.

I’ve already written 2 paragraphs, but the professor would like a further analysis this is their message:

I’d like you to extend this analysis both in terms of detail and depth in terms of how technology changes social interaction and how this connects with sociology. The connection with sociology is important because the focus of the question is on how IT changes sociology as a social science.

Similarly, the other key area to be sure to cover is how IT changes the way sociology goes about doing its work. For this it is important to expand your definition of IT from the internet to think about information technology in general, i.e. computers, software, etc.

I just need something that will fulfill his request of a further analysis that adds to whatever I already have.

Topics we have learned in class are:

– What is sociology

– Cultures

– Groups & Networks

– Socialization

– Social Stratification

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