How is fast food affect our health

It is a persuasive and research paper. The topic is about how fast food effect our health. Title would be Knowing the Fast Food

Would like to inform the audiences about:

The history of the fast food,

How fast food made of,

Why people choose the fast food,

Why it is affecting our health, what health problems will happen if eating too much fast food, For children and adults,

How can we eat health-fast food instead of buying the fast food in the restaurants?

Let the audience to know what is fast food, and persuasive them do not eat too much fast food.

(Ex. We understand that in this modern life, everyone is too busy to eat fast food. But…) This kind of idea.

6-7 pages, MLA format, 10 sources, need citations (can just copy the sentences from the sources), and works cited page.

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