How To Identify, Measure And Monitor Program Outcomes?

Yes, one of the differences is that outcome. What is the outcome? It is when the project is complete. Or is it? When do you start talking about the outcome of a program? That word program is also a key descriptor from what we discussed last week. So, we are now examining a program and the outcome of a program. So, start with those two terms and let’s see where you can take us this week. And as always, all the learning objectives up to this point are fair game to bring into the discussion. They are all linked into a picture of this course description.

Another key term is that word measure. What yard stick do you have to measure something with that is a program? What exactly are you measuring? Who tells you to use such a metric or measuring device or tool or set of procedures? And as always for this topic, if you cannot measure something, then you really don’t know what you are talking about.

So, what is the question for this week? It could be what and how to measure? It could be defining what is a program outcome? And it really could be what are the issues with measuring program outcomes? Yep, that last one is the big question. So many times we are told to use a metric. Do you ever question why we use such a metric or measure? Is there something else that your research indicates could be used?

And, here are a few really interesting readings on this subject. Review these readings to give you a sense of different kind of metrics and strategies for improvement.

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