Discussion 1:


Discuss some of the protected characteristics covered by equal employment opportunity laws and why they are important in today’s employment setting.

Equal employment opportunity act was first created in the year 1972 in the United States, and the act basically fights to give equal opportunities to people from different races or even culture.  The Act gives citizens the mandate to sue employers who practice employment discrimination.  Employment discrimination varies, and some may be based on race, religion, nationality, sex, or even color (US Legal.com, 2018). Equal employment opportunities laws or acts are color for individuals and also for companies in general.

Based on individuals, EEO laws help individuals feel equal, and also they feel that they are being treated fairly which in return plays a significant role in their level of commitment, loyalty as well as a satisfaction to their respective organizations.  Another thing is that individuals feel comfortable in different situations, especially in cases where they feel as if they are the minority.  Organizations, on the other hand, also benefit from the EEO laws since they practice equal employment, which has a significant advantage in getting and attracting top talents.  Also, EEO laws reduce the chances of discrimination in an organization and promote a diverse workforce.  A diverse workforce has numerous advantages for employees, departments, and productivity plus innovation in the organization.  Therefore, EEO laws play a significant role, especially in today’s employment setting.

Discussion2 :


Discuss some of the protected characteristics covered by equal employment opportunity laws and why they are important in today’s employment setting.

Employment is more than necessary and much of a part of life for everyone. Not something but everything depends on this for a common man. The type of employment defines what a person is and how is his social life going to be. How he stands as a person in front of his family and society. But what if the person is morally downgraded at his workplace? What happens if he is mistreated on social grounds? Or what if he/she is not given the job in the first place because of non-acceptable reasons? Here’s when the equal employment opportunity laws come into play, they protect the fundamental rights of a person as an employee (Stone, K. V. W. (2006)).

Let us find out how this works: Under the Employment Equality Act, 9 protected characteristics are provided to any individual working in any field. If a person is being sidelined because of any one of these 9 reasons, he/she has all the right to sue the firm. These are namely age, any disability, other documentation of address and birth, issued by the state (Rubin, A., & Babbie, E. R. (2016)).

Often it is seen that people are facing issues regarding any one of these characteristics that one possesses. That is something that the court prevents from happening, by giving people the liberty to live and work just the way they are so that they’re in a state of mental peace and thus are devoted more towards work. Favoring is reduced to a whole new level. The rate is slow but significant.

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