HSA3215-Activity 5– Building a Personal Brand

Assignment 1:  Create a personal brand statement – (1 paragraph brand statement & 2 paragraphs outlining how the personal brand can guide your career goals).Personal branding is an essential element for marketing yourself and the skills that make you successful. According to Khedher (2014), “Individuals involved in personal branding develop their human capital by investing in continuous learning; enhance their social capital through visibility and notoriety and access to financial success and economic profitability.”Personal branding allows you to stand out from the crowd by projecting a positive image, behavior and actions. Prior to beginning this assignment, please review the video below and reflect on your personal experiences. Think about the most professional person (fictional or real) that you know. What characteristics make them stand out? After completing these tasks, you must write a personal brand statement.Corporate BrandingAssignment GuidelinesLength: Minimum of 3 paragraphs (1 paragraph brand statement & 2 paragraphs outlining how the personal brand can guide your career goals)Format: Times New Roman, font size 12Mechanics: APA Style (6th Edition). Must include a cover page and reference pageReferencesKhedher, M., (2014). Personal branding phenomenon. Retrieved from: http://ijibm.elitehall.com/IJIBM_Vol6No2_May2014.pdfRUBRICS:  Brand statement is clearly defined. Describes how the personal brand can guide your career goals.30 (30.00%) – 40 (40.00%)Brand and career goals are explained clearly with details to support statements.Minimum of 3 paragraphs, clear sentences and logical structure26 (26.00%) – 30 (30.00%)All criteria met.Proper APA format and free of grammatical errors26 (26.00%) – 30 (30.00%)Paper is free of grammatical errors with proper APA format

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