APA FORMAT 5-8 PAGE PLUS REFERENCE PAGE IN-TEXT CITATION ETC. Follow the Bold Script,  Numbers. They give expectations and detailsIF YOU CAN NOT ADHERE TO THE DETAILS OR DEADLINE DO NOT TAKE THIS ASSIGNMENT.Project: Bio-Psycho-Social AssessmentAssessing a client’s biological, psychological, and social history is a holistic approach that is an essential aspect of social work practice. Since one area often affects the other two, it is important to get as accurate an assessment as possible when working with a client. Social workers use the bio-psycho-social tool to communicate specific information, and possible conclusions, about a client to other professionals. It is, at once, a summary of current issues and problems; a listing of past factors that may be relevant to the current situation; and a description of potential issues that may have an effect on the client in the future. In addition to describing the client’s challenges and problems, the assessment identifies strengths and assets that are available to provide support. For this Assignment you create a bio-psycho-social assessment.THURSDAY NEW YORK TIME a 5- to 8-page paper that focuses on Eboni Logan is a 16-year-old biracial African American/Caucasian female in 11th grade from one of the case studies presented in this course and complete a bio-psycho-social assessment.Here some information on Eboni Logan http://mym.cdn.laureate-media.com/2dett4d/Walden/SOCW/MSWP/CH/mm/homepage/case_histories.html There is also  information in the uploadThe assessment should be written in APA format/ professional language and include sections on each of the following:Presenting issue (including referral source)Demographic informationCurrent living situationBirth and developmental historySchool and social relationshipsFamily members and relationshipsHealth and medical Issues (including psychological and psychiatric functioning, substance abuse)Spiritual developmentSocial, community, and recreational activitiesClient strengths, capacities, and resourcesAfter addressing the 10 categories, answer the following supplemental questions.What specific intervention strategies (skills, knowledge, etc.) did you use to address this client situation?Several theories are woven through this case study—Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Systems Theory, Engagement and Assessment Skills. Explain which of the theories you used to guide your practice.Describe the challenges faced by the client(s)—for example, drug addiction, lack of basic needs, victim of abuse, new school environment, etc.Describe the identified strengths of the client(s).Explain the agreed-upon goals to be met in order to address the concerns.Did you have to address any issues around cultural competence? Did you have to learn about this population/group prior to beginning your work with this client system? If so, what type of research did you do to prepare?What, if any local, state, or federal policies could (or do) impact this situation?How would you advocate for social change to positively impact this case?Are there any legal/ethical issues present in the case? If so, what were they and how were they addressed?How can evidence-based practice be integrated into this situation?Is there any additional information or material you think is important to the use of the case?Provide any personal reflection regarding the case that you think would be relevant to the course.

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