For this assignment, research a current health care organization of  your choice. Use the Internet to find a health care organization that is  of interest to you and has a large complex team. You can also use your  current workplace. Your submission should be 2,000-3,000 words.

Assume that you work in human resources management and have been  tasked with developing a strategic plan to ensure employees are  efficiently providing quality services. Develop a Human Resources  Organizational Plan using APA format, detailing your strategic plan.

The Human Resources Organizational Plan should contain the following: 

  1. A general overview of the organization including the services provided in the community they serve. (1 to 2 paragraphs)  
  2. An overview of the human resources strategic planning process specific to the chosen organization. (3 to 4 paragraphs)  
  3. An overview of human resources strategies to better engage and  empower employees (3 to paragraphs) Provide best practices for  developing and promoting the strategic plain within this organization (3  to 5 paragraphs)  
  4. Provide best practices for developing and promoting the strategic plain within this organization (3 to 5 paragraphs)
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