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Watch the video: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by clicking on the link Media Gallery on the left side of the Home Page.Then respond in brief, well-written sentences.1. What is significant about the long establishing shots at the beginning and end?  How do they differ?2. How does Enrico (director) get you into the skin of Peyton Farquar?3. How does Enrico get you to sympathize with his dilemma?4. Which film techniques dramatize his predicament after he surfaces?5. How did Robert Enrico manage to trick you into thinking Farquar had actually escaped?6. What clues did he offer that he hadn’t escaped?7. What does the sand/beach/flower sequence tell us about the message of the film?8. What is significant about his wife’s caress at the end?9. What is the film’s central message?10. What is significant about the title in terms of the message?

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