I need help answering this post that my classmate posted. Please answer this post in your own words please. If you agree with this post explain why you do. If you do not agree explain why you do not agree. Thanks.

  • 1- Since I have been fortunate enough to live in many different countries due to my field of work, I had and currently get to experience how the exchange rate works.  Related to business subject of exchange rate, 5 years ago I was debating if I should invest stock into Samsung.  The reason being is because I lived in Korea at this time, and saw how superior their LCD and Smart TVs first hand.  The reason I didn’t was because not only would I be investing in the company of Samsung, but I would also be investing the Korean currency.  Meaning if the stock goes up but the Korean currency goes down, I could still loose money.  However that can work in my benefit as well, meaning if the company stock goes down, and the country’s currency goes up, I can still make a profit.  I ended not making the investment which was an opportunity that I missed out on.  The reason being is I currently live in Korea again and the currency and company have both grown quite a bit.  But I did get to gain the knowledge of international trading.
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