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The purpose of this activity is to differentiate between thesis and theme, to identify both in a model essay, and to outline the developmental strategy of the author. This will be helpful in writing throughout this course and in future courses. Note the following as well:

  • An Analysis Essay about literature uses a thesis statement about a theme (one of the big ideas) that the author offers his/her readers. As we learned before, a thesis, as a tool of analysis, tells us how or why the author makes this theme available.


  1. Read this link about an Analysis Essay
  2. Read also the essay “The Practices of Dr. Rank” (a link for this student essay sample is at the bottom of the web page of the above link).
  3. Create a Word document which includes the following information about these two readings and is divided into the three sections below:
    • According to the first reading, write what the difference is between a theme and a thesis (analysis) about that theme? Also include in your writing what the writer needs to do, according to this reading, to make a theme part of a thesis statement that will be used in writing an analysis.
    • Copy and paste the thesis for the essay, “The Practices of Dr. Rank” into the forum. State which part of this thesis is the theme, and which part(s) is/are the analysis/thesis aspect?
    • Construct an outline of the three body paragraphs of the essay, The Practices of Dr. Rank. Include the topic sentence and the evidence that supports the topic sentence, as was done in the previous assignment.
  4. Post your Word document (as an attachment) to the discussion board by clicking on the title of this activity or through the Discussion Board main menu button on the left.


Graded. Total Points = 10

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