I need one respond to classmate. keep it in less formal way and friendly, like a regular talking in class.

Forum 4- Allegretti

4B: For my own career development I can see how much my culture impacts my work ethic. My dad is 100% Italian, so quite stubborn, but also incredibly hard working. From his parents who worked trade jobs it was engrained that you have to work hard to succeed in life. Then from my mothers side, they are mostly German, so in lieu of self-disclosure I am a bit stubborn! But like the Italian side, my German side also places a strong emphasis on your profession defining your value. I have learned some amazing work ethics from both sides of my family, but where they fault is the idea that there might be more to ones identity than their career. I can see myself struggling with this concept already. I am working as a post closer for a mortgage company (not quite a psychology based job), but I become so invested and prideful of my work that I loose sight of my own boundaries to do other things with my time.

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