Develop a handout on intimate partner violence or substance abuse.Create a trifold educational flier for any of the issues discussed in this week’s readings.you must include a reference page with at least three citations using resources that are less than five years old.Consider the following information when pulling your research together:Summarize the models of care that have evolved in caring for victims of intentional violence.Describe the impact of substance abuse and addiction on individual people and their families, communities, and nations.Presents an exemplary articulation and insightful analysis of significant concepts and/or theories presented for the chosen topic. Ideas are professionally sound and creative; they are supported by scientific evidence that is credible and timely. Draws insightful and comprehensive conclusions and solutions.Makes insightful, clear, and accurate connections to key concepts and relevant theories. Offers detailed and specific examples to educate on the chosen topic.Answers are well written or orally presented throughout. Information is well organized and clearly communicated. Assignment is free of spelling and grammatical errors.Follows all the requirements related to format, length, source citations, and layout.

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