Write 1160 words about “The Balcony of Myogi Shrine” painting.

represents Meiji period oil painting, introduce the characteristics of Meiji period paintings. (everything about the paining including; period the artist, the colors used).

Describe and analyze its visible properties such as material, facture—how it was made—, form, surface patterns, scale, proportion, and overall composition. Also, consider and analyze the time period and subjects of the work in relation to the visible properties. You should also observe the displaying environment of the work, considering how it is positioned, framed, and lightened inside the room.

Based on your observation and description of the artwork, perform a research and discuss the contemporary backgrounds of the artwork, including the characteristics of the era, contemporary pivotal designers and their works. And apply and link this contemporary movement and backgrounds to your own work of interest. Finally, write your personal experience of this work and how the artwork influences you. Do research and compare it with other 2 works from the same period, that sharing similarities and charictrictuc

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