I’ve attached the instructions, my partner’s answers and my answer if there is any question need

  • Socialization
    • How was your peer introduced to his/her most salient identities?
    • What did you peer learn about his/her most salient identities?
    • How did your peer come to embrace/express his/her most salient identities?
  • Intersectionality
    • How does the presence of your peer’s most salient identities affect his/her experiences?
    • Does one identity inflict more privilege or oppression in your peer’s experiences? How so?
  • Your Experiences/Awareness of Your Peer’s Identities
    • What is your awareness of your peer’s identities?
    • What have you witnessed with respect to treatment of people who hold your peer’s most salient identities?
  • Your Reactions
    • What were you thinking/feeling during the interview process?
    • What thoughts/emotions arose as your peer shared his/her story?
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