Influence of Entertainment Media Assignment

** Note – Use of “research” from outside of this course – particularly web searches – does not fulfill the “course materials” requirement. Use our materials and cite them properly. **

Review the Week 3 readings and videos.

Write a 700 to 1050 -word paper in which you investigate the interrelationship between the entertainment media and culture. Answer the following areas/questions:

  • Choose at least two forms of entertainment media (such as film and television, for example) and describe how EACH shaped American culture and its values. Draw upon and cite course material. (20 points)
  • Are the social influences of entertainment media mostly positive or negative? Explain. Draw upon and cite course material. (20 points)
  • Provide specific examples of both positive influence and negative influence. (15 points)
  • Are the media a reflection of or a catalyst for societal behaviors and attitudes. Draw upon and cite course material. (20 points)

Incorporate these guidelines:

  • You must separate the topics in your paper with at least first-level headings, and second-level headings where appropriate. See the APA sample paper in the library for details.
  • Be sure to fully address each of the bullet points indicated above.
  • The purpose of your paper is to demonstrate the application of the knowledge you have gained in this week’s materials by applying that knowledge to a real-world example. As such, your paper should engage heavily with course theory, materials, and language. Cite them where you use them.
  • Your paper should include an appropriate introduction which offers background to the topic, previews your main points, and includes a clear central idea.
  • Your paper should include an appropriate conclusion that reviews the major points and flows logically from the content of the body.
  • Your main points should be clear, logical, and well-supported.
  • Your paper should be well written, including appropriate transitions, tone, and flow.
  • Your paper should have proper mechanics including spelling, grammar, and appropriate use of APA citation style and references.
  • Special note on spelling: EACH error that a spellchecker would have caught will cost you an EXTRA 1% off of your possible points on the paper. PROOFREAD AND SPELLCHECK.
  • Your paper should be entirely your own original work, except where specifically indicated otherwise by the use of citations.
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