Case Staffing’s: Case staffing’s are an essential component of social work practice and are utilized by the vast majority of social workers throughout various areas of social work practice. Social workers engage in both formal and informal case staffing’s, and case staffing’s serve the primary purpose of providing an opportunity for social workers to receive consultation from social work peers and other professionals, as it relates to a given case. Case staffing’s are considered a group process in which all parties involved work to help identify issues, suggest problem resolution strategies, and recommend service options, for the given case. For this assignment students will present a well-developed synopsis of a case/client from their practicum, within a case conference/staffing of their peers and instructor(s); the 15-20 minute presentation will be followed by Q & A/discussion from the class, and will mimic real world social work practice of case staffing and supervision. Students will be evaluated on mastery and analysis of case material at the appropriate levels of social work practice (micro, mezzo, & macro levels), organization and clarity of presentation, and evidence of synthesis of master level social work knowledge, skill, ethics, and values.

Please note that the case you chose to present must be based on one individual, family, group, community or other instructor-approved client system (e.g. policy advocacy or SW program development) in which significant work was conducted during practicum; the case chosen should be one in which the student felt significantly challenged to meet the needs of the client system.

Each student will submit case consultation report that details the information listed below:

  • Demographics
  • Summary of Psychosocial Evaluation (inclusive of presenting problem, DSM-5 diagnosis, & clinical impressions)
  • Summary of treatment plan with timeline, OR Organizational Analysis, OR Policy Advocacy Analysis OR Community Development Analysis
  • Cultural considerations
  • Comprehensive Eco-map
  • Genogram, Organizational, Policy, or Community Diagrammatic or Chart
  • Ethical Issues, Challenges, & Decision-making
  • Theoretical foundations utilized to inform practice decisions, interventions, and approaches

(I will upload full description of the assignment along with the client’s information that will be used to compete the assignment)

Also, it would be best if you looked up example of each point that need to be addressed or discussed on a social work level. The comprehensive Eco-map need to be created for the client as well as the genogram..etc.

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