Q. 1. Assess the intelligence capacity and effectiveness of fusion centers. 

Q. 2. Assess the continuing challenges for law enforcement related to intelligence gathering and use. 

Q. 3. Discuss emerging intelligence methods in the modern era. 

Q. 4. Discuss trends in terrorism and terrorist activities and how law enforcement can use their resources to thwart terrorist attacks.

Q. 5. Examine intelligence issues related to domestic terrorism and what advancements in technology can assist in the fight against terrorism.

Students will be required to use the APUS Online Library and use peer-reviewed journal articles as references. Additional sources may be included but must be in addition to the two required scholarly references.

1. Each answer will have at least two (2) peer-reviewed journal articles from the APUS online library (No Exceptions)
2. The in-text citations and references are to follow APA Style 6th edition formatting.
3. All answers are to be a minimum of 500 words, not including the questions and references.
4. Work must be original and any dishonesty will result in the student failing the mid-term exam, and possibly receiving a disciplinary “F” grade for the course.
5. This is not a team project. This is an individual assignment.

Each question required two reference.

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