Internal Marketing, Product Strategy and Branding

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Please choose two of the question below and reply at least 150 words. Thank you!


Marriott’s Innovation Lab

Read the article:… (Links to an external site.)

Watch the video about Marriott International’s Innovation Lab:… (Links to an external site.)

How effective is Marriott’s use of crowdsourcing for new product development?


Branding Las Vegas

Read the short article links below and watch the sample TV commercials provided in them. Comment on success and criticism of “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” branding campaign.

It’s Branding, Baby! (Links to an external site.)… (Links to an external site.)… (Links to an external site.)

Note: Feel free to search the Internet to find out the effectiveness of the campaign and provide the links to the class..


Hard Rock Café and Service Culture

Watch the video case of “Hard Rock Café Human Resources”. How does embracing the uniqueness of their employees affect Hard Rock’s culture and internal marketing?

Hard Rock Human Resource Strategy


Hard Rock Cafe and Product Levels

Hospitality managers need to think about the product on four levels when designing products and services (Figure 9-1). Watch the video “Operations Management at Hard Rock Cafe” What are the core, facilitating, supporting, and augmented products of Hard Rock Cafe?

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