Operation Anaconda IIEach week, forum discussions should include: substantive 500 word initial answer; initial answer posted by Thursday at 11:55pm ET; follow-ups to classmates posted by Sunday at 11:55pm ET.

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This discussion board is intended to pull together the lessons in tactical intelligence and apply them to the contemporary battlefield. You should draw on all the readings to date. The case study of Operation Anaconda is a classic vehicle though which to apply and emphasize the core lessons in tactical intelligence.

Your answers to the following questions must be detailed and specific and directly instructive in the field of tactical intelligence.

Please answer the following question:

Intelligence organization operating in Afghanistan included CIA, SOF, national assets available for tactical exploitation, and other Army units. How well did these organizations blend to provide the intelligence required to the tactical commanders?

In “Lessons” you will find the document named TaskForceDagger.pdf. This document is a supplement to and provides additional information to that in the Special Forces official history of operations in Afghanistan. While this reading is not essential, if you have the time I urge you to review and use the document in your postings.

Provide your own original contribution addressing these questions as well as thoughtfully respond to at least two other student’s postings.


Your initial post should be roughly 500 words in length (not including references listed at the end). Please respond to at least 2 other students and one follow up question. Responses should be a minimum of 150 words in length and include references to the material.

Discussion Forum Grading: See the rubric in the Welcome Forum – Getting the Most from the Forums.

Your grade in each forum will be presented in the following format

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