NOTE: Please make sure you read the topic question AND the grading criteria below, as the grading criteria section contains important information on how you should respond to the question.

The ability to write and format a research paper is an essential part of your academic career, and proficiency in this will help you write reports in your professional career as well. There are many things to consider when writing any document, including layout, formatting, spelling and grammar, images, etc. It is critical that you have a good understanding of these items in order to present your ideas according to the standards of your class, professor or supervisor. Assuming you were to create a research paper for one of your classes, or a professional report for your employer, in addition to the features mentioned earlier what features of Word would you make use of, and why?

  1. Spelling & Grammar: All postings and responses must use business writing style and etiquette. Proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation are required. Remember, in an academic or professional environment, “text-messaging” writing is not acceptable.
  2. You are encouraged to research the topic using the Internet to identify sources to support your response and posting. Be sure to include the URL (Web address) and indicate it as the source of your supporting documentation. No copying and pasting is ever allowed!
  3. You may want to type your postings in Word, to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Once you have completed them, copy and paste the text into document.
  4. Note: Points may be deducted at the discretion of the instructor for any of the following but not limited to:
    1. Quality of the postings; responses do not contribute to the conversation, are too short/trivial, and/or do not answer the posted questions.
    2. Postings were completed on the same day.
    3. Use of slang, “text-messaging speak”, poor grammar, incorrect spelling, inaccurate punctuation, and poor sentence structure.
    GradingPoints AvailablePost Requirement
    Response to Topic Question0 – 40A thorough response that clearly addresses the topic question and responds using items learned in class, meeting 150 word count.
    Responses to Peer or Instructor Posts (2)0 – 30Minimum of at least two quality replies to at least two other postings with 75 words or more each.
    All three posts are completed on separate days0 – 10Each post is made on a separate day of the week
    Spelling & Grammar0 – 10Use of proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation
    Quality of Posts0 – 10Overall quality of discussion (including points for extra postings, internet research and references)
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