The topic is: How drugs and alcohol effect college students

This draft will include your introductory paragraph and two bibliographic entries.

Two bibliographic entries of 200 words each on your chosen topic or historical figure accompanied by an appropriate MLA or APA citation. (Two sources must be published between 2000 and 2017). Each entry will include an analysis of the article’s rhetorical situation, succinct summary of the ideas contained in the source, and discussion of each article’s historical context. Each entry should consist of two paragraphs. One paragraph summarizes the source. One paragraph connects the source to the research question and discusses the credibility of the source.

You will create an annotated bibliography based on the following requirements:

  1. An introductory paragraph providing an overview of your topic or historical figure (200-250 words) that
    1. Summarizes your topic
    2. Explains the major concepts
    3. Introduces the historical context and
    4. States your research question

    Please note that the resources must be from the library of my university and it has to be Academic journals. So, I’ll give you the access to it. If I got good grades I’ll work with you for the whole semester.

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