I need a final ARGUMENTATIVE paper from the rough draft attached. This the feedback I received on the rough draft.

This is a good effort. You’ve learned a lot about vaping, and you present your findings in a clear fashion. A reader can learn a lot about e-cigs by reading this paper.

However, there is no clear sense of audience or purpose. As a reader, I’m not sure why you are telling me all this or what you want me to do or agree with. An argumentative paper does not merely “present the facts.” It attempts to sway the reader to agree with something.

Who is your audience? The paper does not have a sense that that it is targeted to anyone.

So, you have a good idea here. Now you must decide what you want to do with it. More importantly, what do you want the reader to do with it.

Research is slight. Only two sources are listed; four are required. You made a good effort to use in-text citations, but more citations are needed. Every time you borrow information, you must cite the source. Consider adding a few quotes to support your claims.

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