ISM 5150 Final Exam

ISM 5150 Final Exam1. Identify TWO (2) topics that we have covered in the course and for EACH topic:   (approximately 3 pages for both topics; Total 10 points; 5 points for each topic)1) Briefly explain the topic and your understanding/interpretation of it  (1 point)2) Describe how you related to this topic in the course, how it enabled you to stayengaged in the course, with the professor, and with your classmates (2 points)3) Explain how this topic will enable you to be a better and more effective professional (and student, if applicable) and how youimmediatelyplan to use this skill and knowledge for your development  (2 points)2. We have discussed extensively the impact of information technology on the nature and design of work in organizations. Use the knowledge of the course material and other skills you gained (such as practice of mindfulness) to answer the following:     (approximately 1 page; Total 5 points)1) As a business manager, what are the mainchallengesandopportunitiesthat you expect to see in your organization (if you are not currently working, use a suitable work place from your previous experience or the university environment)?  (3 points)2) How do you propose to address these issues? How do you plan to help make your employees more effective? (2 points)3. Based on the CAIS article “Tutorial: Big Data Analytics” Watson (2014) and related discussions from textbook material topics:    (approximately 1 page; Total 5 points)1) Explain briefly the mainbusiness objectivesof knowledge management, business intelligence, and business analytics in the organization. What are the mainchallenges and risksinvolved?      (2 points)2) Describe briefly how you would address these challenges in a private or government organization related to your industry. Usespecific instancesfrom your experience of (1) Wiley Plus SAP ERP simulations and (2) SAP Business Objects exercises to explain your response.  (3 points)ISM 5150: Alternate Assignment for SAP Business ObjectsWe have discussed the topic of data visualization in class. Refer to the class material, the instructions in the document for SAP Business Objects and Tableau ( to answer the following questions. (Your response should be up to two pages, Times Roman font 12, double space).  (4 points)1) Explain data visualization in the context of knowledge management and business analytics.2) How is it different from the traditional methods of data representation?3) What is the purpose of data visualization? As a business manager, explain how you might use data visualization in your organization.

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