The paper should include the following elements

A. An introduction to the global issue – what is it; why is it a problem for the world; what have been the shortcomings in establishing an IO to overcome the problem; etc.

B. Your proposal for an IO to address (and eliminate) the global issue, which will include:

a. Mandate – design the IO mission statement; treaty or charter; etc

C. Conclusions – what are the challenges in implementing this IO; how will we know if your IO is effective; etc.

1. Be sure to cite your sources in the paper. Students should use a minimum of five peer-reviewed sources (such as academic journal articles and books), and a minimum of five primary source materials (such as government reports, documents, and newspaper articles). Students may use sources from the course. Adding images, Include a reference page at the end of the paper.

2. On the title page of the paper, be sure to include the group names and also the responsibilities of each member to the overall project.

3. Papers should be typed, double-spaced, and in 12 point font.

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