Isys 225 powerpoint slides and script

ISYS225 Systems Analysis and Design


Assignments 1 is related to proposing an information system to solve business problems in a real-world organization. You are required to take the position of a system analyst who is willing to propose a solution to a business owner. This piece of assessment focuses on your capability to communicate your understanding about the problem, your ideas about a solution, and the way you defend them verbally and through visual aids. A representative from a not-for-profit business will present the type of tasks they perform and some of the challenges they face in their everyday activities. You will have access to the recording file for this presentation.

Please attend and/or watch the recording file for this presentation carefully and try to think about an information system that can resolve a problem or several problems at the organization. You may also do further research about the organization on the internet and make assumptions about unknown information when appropriate.

You must prepare a short presentation about the proposed system, the problem it is

going to address, and the primary results of your analysis. You should add all the

required material to one PowerPoint file and submit it.

Your PowerPoint must include a maximum of five slides (inclusive of any title,

introduction, reference, and conclusion slides). Your presentation time is also limited to a maximum of five minutes.

How to submit: Submit your PowerPoint slides and a video file

The content your presentation:

Your presentation should be delivered in the form of a presentation covering the

following topics:

1. A description of the problem you are going to address using the proposed

information system

2. A list of capabilities of the system which makes the system useful in the context of the business for which you develop it

3. A list of short term and long-term benefits that the system will provide to

the business

4. A list of both functional and non-functional requirements for the system

5. An overall time-plan for developing the system (including the activities

required for detailed analysis, design, and deployment)

assignment rubric


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