Hello, Everything that is Bolded I need a section for

  • Cost – Robert
    • Plan Cost Management. The Cost Management Plan establishes things like the methodologies with which the project budget will be established, the criteria for changes, and control procedures.
    • Estimate Costs. The cost of each task is estimated, taking into account the resources, labor, materials, equipment, and any other item of cost necessary to complete the task. <<IVE ATTACHED THE BUDGET I MADE For Week 4. Maybe it could help?
    • Determine Budget. The task budgets are rolled up into an overall project budget.
    • Control Costs. Earned value analysis is performed on regular project status intervals to determine the project status at that status point.
  • Quality – Robert
    • Plan Quality Management. The Quality Management Plan can be a section of the project management plan or a stand alone document, and it contains the quality specifications for the product or service. There should be no doubt whether the product being produced is a Mercedes-Benz or a Pinto.
    • Manage Quality. The processes that ensure the quality of the deliverables must be inspected regularly to ensure they are working.
    • Control Quality. The deliverables themselves are inspected to ensure they conform to the quality standards.
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