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Discuss the team dynamics for a highly effective or ineffective team of which you were a member. Can you explain why the team performed so well or so poorly?

Reply 1:-

Team dynamics are very important in success of a project. Effective teams are enthusiastic, goal oriented, self-motivated to achieve common mission. Team dynamics can be improved with teambuilding activities. Team building enhances strong communications within team members as well as individuals. Creativity and productivity can be improved with it. One more main advantage of team building is having clear procedures and policies which motivates team members to attain goals. With team building, collaboration and cooperation will be more which helps in solving complex problems (Fapohunda, 2013).

I worked in many different teams. Two of them fall under criteria of effective and ineffective teams. Firstly, I worked with Optum technology for a year and half. I was part of a software development team. We used to have clear goals for every two weeks on what tasks we would be working on. Team lead had full trust on all team members and support among the team members was appreciable. Team consisted of diverse team members like old, young, different nationalities. All were worked well together. We had very tight deadlines for that project. We made it possible by delivering that project on time and which showed team’s commitment. I am happy to say that this is the most effective team that I worked on so far.

In my recent past, I have worked in Ameriprise Financial Solutions. There, I was working in a team for couple of months. Work was not equally divided among the team members. If someone is efficient then that person is overloaded with the work whereas rest of the team sits idle. Team lead or the management was never used to mind about the team or team building as long as the work was done. One team member used to blame the other for delay in the delivery of the project. This team performed so poorly which resulted in so many defects for application software as well as delay in the project delivery. This is the most ineffective team that I worked on so far.

Reply 2:-

Many talent management departments, leaders boards, nonprofits, and companies are challenged by building a high-performance team (Losada, & Heaphy, 2004). Team dynamics for a successful team involve the motivating forces that help the team to achieve the mission and goals, and these forces are observed by interplay of the individual on the team, the assigned task, and the entire team. The following are the things shared by a productive team (Chong, 2007);

· Identification of a leader- this is a person who guides the process, assist in the cross-functional teamwork, coordination of efforts, and steady supply of resources required in the team.

· Establishing roles and responsibilities- for every team to be successful, each member should understand the roles and responsibilities, and every team member is assigned roles that match with the special interests.

· Establishment of a plan to determine how the team reaches an agreement- the team I was in had a plan that determines the agreements of the team to ensure that the right decisions are made.

· Proper and timely use of quality tools- for the team to be successful, it should have the knowledge to utilize and comprehend quality tools for the project.

In a team I was in, there was high energy around the communication. For the team to achieve the goals and objectives, communication should be effective at all stages to ensure that the team members are aware of their roles and responsibilities. There was an exchange of ideas among the teammates, which is essential for the success of every project. High engagements in between the team members ensured that there was a high performance in the team, and this involved full participation of members and also engagement in explorations. This is why the team performed so well.



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