Jazz Discussion

This is your opportunity to guide the discussion. Posts can address some of the following:

  • What did you find most interesting in the lecture?
  • What, if anything, did you take issue with?
  • Are there relevant topics that you think deserve further exploration?

Feel free to comment on anything in the lecture you like: ask questions, challenge ideas presented, tell us what music/performances you liked or didn’t like, etc.

Full credit can be earned from original posts or responses to other students. As with previous forums, in addition to posting your comments in the forums that follow this page, you must also submit your posts together in one word doc or pdf via upload to the inbox below.

Please note that due to the interactive nature of discussion forums, late posts will not be accepted for credit without the express permission of your instructor. Failure to upload your responses to the inbox on this page will result in a 0 grade for this assessment.

Points are allocated according to the following distribution:

  • The Birth of Hip-Hop: 5 pts maximum (based on quality and depth of post)
  • Disco, House, Techno, & Electro E: 5pts maximum (based on quality and depth of post)
  • Thriller: 5pts maximum (based on quality and depth of post)
  • Hip-Hop pt II: 5pts maximum (based on quality and depth of post)

8-10 lines for each part of question

each topic is a question

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