Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (Developing Strategic Goals)

Develop your strategic goals (at least three). The goals must address the following:Address issues such as globalization and how those issues might impact the strategic goals of the agency, organization, or community.Identify potential alliances.Identify opportunities for alliances with other agencies or organizations.State why the alliances are important.Develop strategies for implementing goals. You must identify at least two strategies for each identified goal.Address issues of accountability. You must establish how and who will monitor the execution of the strategic plan. Describe how you will address accountability for each of the following:Describe how your leadership will be held accountable for execution of the strategic plan.Discuss the following aspects of accountability for employee:Identify who will be responsible for executing specific aspects of the strategic plan.Explain how employee accountability will be tracked.Client and stakeholder accountability:Describe the clients’/stakeholders’ roles in accountability.Discuss actions that will be taken to continually and actively engage the clients/stakeholders in ensuring accountability related to executing the strategic plan.

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