identify an endangered species of your choice and then provide some specific information about it.  As a starting point to identify an endangered species, you might want to visit the US Fish and Wildlife Service list of Endangered Species­or the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) website at  But you may use any source to select your species, as long as your source reflects organisms found on either the the official US Fish and Wildlife Service list or ICUN list.  The organism you select can be from any kingdom of life.  In your personal response to this discussion, provide the following information:The common name of the organismThe scientific name of the organism in the form of the genus and species (written correctly, as discussed in the powerpoint)The kingdom to which the organism belongsA brief summary of the importance of the organism to its ecosystem, including any ecosystem services it providesThe reason(s) that the organism has declined to the point of being placed on the Endangered Species listplease do not copy paste. Use your own words

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