LIBERTY Intellectual Property Policy Of Business For Employees

Must use attached resources

minimum of 250 words

When you are posting a text-based thread, it must be substantive and a minimum of 250 words. (Remember this is discussion). Each thread must contain 3 APA style, peer-reviewed references. Current APA reference format is required for citations, and a reference list in current APA format is required at the conclusion of each thread. Proper grammar, as outlined in the APA manual, is expected.

Please choose 1 of the following discussion topics for this module/week. Please answer it as if it was you being asked to fulfill this task.

Topic 1: Regarding this module/week’s instruction, what new idea will change the way in which you use the intellectual property of others?

Topic 2: You have been appointed chair of a committee to develop a copyright policy for your organization. This policy will cover employee and student use of intellectual property for which ownership rests outside the organization (i.e., your organization does not own the copyright). What would you argue are the most important points to make in the policy?

Topic 3: Who (position, not name) in your organization should have accountability for addressing and resolving issues involving internal copyright violations? Should “copyright police” be part of that person’s job description? What are the ethical and personal dilemmas involved?

Topic 4: In order to comply with the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, an educational organization must provide copyright training to its membership on a regular basis. What do you think would be the most effective means of providing that training so that the participants “get it” and follow the organization’s copyright policy?

Topic 5: What are the unique copyright issues present in the corporate, for-profit training sector?

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