Literary Analysis of The Handmaid’s Tale Essay

Literary Analysis of The Handmaid’s Tale Essay

As a dystopian novel the handmaid’s tale imagines a nightmarish future in which a totalitarian theocratic government subjugates and enslaves women for the purpose of sexual reproduction. published in 1985, the novel confronts many complex themes still relevant to our culture today, including the relationship of power to sex/love, gender, language, religion, memory and love, just to name a few. For this paper, choose a recurring idea, image, or theme in The Handmaid’s Tale and MAKE AN ARGUMENT ABOUT IT’S ROLE AND RELEVANCE TO THE NOVEL AS A WHOLE. in order to make your argument, you will need to ENLIST AT LEAST TWO OUTSIDE SOURCES that offer clarity or insight into your argument and synthesize them into your paper using them to SUPPORT, DEEPEN OR COMPLICATE YOUR ARGUMENT. Make sure TO USE QUOTE from the book related to your two themes. The essay must have short 2-3 sentences summary including relevant examples from the text ( what are the main points that your sources offer?). Each paragraph must include topic sentence, evidence, and explanation from the text and two outside sources (textual examples and work to explain and interpret the relevance of the chosen subject). And conclusion paragraph must cover your main argument that explains your entire thesis statement and argument. [ 1 intro, 2 body, 1 conclusion paragraph and work cited page.]

P.S : chosen themes for this writing is “sex/love” and “power” or in full sentence it is,The Role of sex(love) and power in The Handmaid’s Tale

Must include WORKS CITED page and needs to be named alphabetically MLA format.,%20M.%20%27%27The%20Handmaid%27s%20Tale%27%27-Xx-En-Sp-Xx.pdf The Handmaid’s Tale pdf online book

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