Discussion 1

Do you think violence should be censored in the media? Be sure to support your responses. Make sure to add evidence to support your statements. We need to add information from credible, scholarly sources to make a case for this topic and what you are understanding about it.   Be sure to support all of your statements with scientific proof. Your post should have information you researched about the topics & should have your references in APA format to show where you retrieved that information.  

Discussion 2 should be175 word counts

How does imagery connect a reader to understanding the meaning of a poem? Which poetic device that creates imagery do you think is the most powerful? Why? We use figurative language in everyday life. What are some instances when you have used it or heard it?

Discussion 3 should be 175 word count

Does reading the drama before or after the live performance enhance or detract from the experience? Why? What connections to real life are evident in dramatic works? How does drama illustrate particular societal behaviors? 

Discussion 4 should be 175 word count

Can a reader ever assume a writer’s intent? Why or why not? What biases might writers bring to their nonfiction work? How can we, as readers, identify those biases and consider them as we make meaning from those works? How does the reader’s background expand the meaning of a nonfiction text?

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