Louise Nevelson and Dorothy Hood Artwork Formal Analysis

For this assignment, visit an original artwork in person.


1) Print off these instructions and the Formal Analysis Guide before you go.

2) Perform a detailed formal analysis of a single work of art WHILE YOU ARE IN FRONT OF THE WORK.

a) This is an exercise in looking. Therefore, any discussion of the artist’s biography, historical context, or your personal experience will not be counted towards the word count.

b) Your essay should include a discussion of all the elements and principles listed in the Formal Analysis Guide, and discussion of the medium used by the artist.

c) To organize your essay, your overall argument and conclusion should address how the artists used the principle of emphasis.

d) Your essay should be 1000-1500 words.

3) Turn in an image of the artwork with your essay.

4) Turn in a picture of yourself in front of the artwork or the museum as proof of having visited.


For the purposes of this assignment please chose your artwork carefully. No copies or reproductions! In other words, the work must be one of a kind.

It must be a work that is publicly exhibited and the main purpose of the object is to be art.

For this assignment, the work must be a painting, sculpture, or drawing.

Places where works of art can be found:

  • Parks
  • Public buildings such as churches, city and federal government buildings, and hospitals.
  • Museum of Art or an Art Gallery
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