Machine design

I’m taking a machine design class, and all teams are working in a part of the car where my team is doing Corner Balance .. I have to write the abstract and goals of our project but I’m worried about my writings and word layout. All I want from u to take a look and see If anything needs more explaining and u can edit plus write more !


Support teams were asked to join main teams into dividing the work in order to make it easier, more efficient, and deliver the car in less time. As a supported team we have been asked to scale the car and develop a mechanism for corner balancing. Corner balancing can be defined as adjusting the spring perches of a car to get a balanced diagonal weight on the tires. It is also known as “corner weighting” and “weight jacking” where we are going put the car on scales, then adjust the shock collars. The important of corner balancing shows how effective our work during the race and the results on realty depends on how well we have accomplished. Therefore, as a team it is necessary to list our responsibilities as a guideline to our mission which is developing a universal chassis set up machine. First of all, coming up with potential ideas of how to corner balance and the ability to square the car. Also develop a device to be able to measure the track length as well as width of car. Another responsibility is to measure the camber and set it on hub. That leads as into measuring the toe and setting it with adjustment. We want this mechanism to be used in future purposes, where it can handle different conditions and uses. For that reason, we started with safety factor of 2 as one of our main goals. That shows our way of thinking forward so that in future our devices and tools can withstand heavier cars. Another goal is to maintain a minimum deflection across the frame, and that can be starter goal since we are aiming for a zero deflection. Developing clear instructions to operate the device to ease it up for the consumer. Also fulfill our goal of accurate leveling of scales in under 5 minutes. Which in some cases could be harder to accomplish knowing that process of leveling all four corner takes time but in our designs the operation is easier and can be done in less timing. Last main goal is to optimize the car performance by ensuring accurate alignment. 

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