Select a problem or topic from chapter 5 or chapter 7. Research the problem or topic and write a review of the problem or topic.

TOPIC: The debate over Health Care Policy in the United states

  • Title page.
  • Main body of paper 1-2 pages double spaced with APA citations. only HAS to be one page at a minimum
  • Indent five (5) spaces at the beginning of paragraphs.
  • Reference page.
  • Grading is based on the following:
    • Title Page 10%
    • Reference Page 10%
    • Logical answers to the question (s) 50%
    • APA Citations 15 %
    • Appropriate grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax 15%
    • Total 100%

Writing Standards. All written assignments (including threaded discussions) are expected to be free of grammatical and typographical errors. Please utilize spelling and grammar tools when submitting coursework. Do not write in sentence fragments; use complete sentences (unless instructed otherwise by the instructor).

Submit the paper in the link above. APA formatted paper – 1-2 pages.

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