In this course, we’ve discussed African Americans, women, and LGBTQ individuals as groups of people within the military facing social oppression. What other groups are there? Select another group, such as people with disabilities, service personnel disabled as a result of military service, recent immigrant groups/ ethnic groups or a particular religious group (for example, sikhs). Detail your group and include why that group of people was chosen.

Discuss what disparities exist and/or if there is discrimination against this group of people. Use past and present trends of change for African Americans, women, and LGBTQ groups to identify the specific changes that must occur for the advancement of that group of people.

  1. Does your group need to be proactive or should the military drive the change and how?
  2. What other organizations, government offices, military branches, or individuals should be involved in your changes?
  3. Explain the end goal for this group of people. What specific rights should they have gained?
  4. Do the changes affect one branch of the military more than another?

The essay must include 750 words, double-spaced in APA format. Cite examples from the texts and movies as necessary.

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