MAnagement and economics reply 3

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1.Social media can play a big role in business communication if that is the form of communication that is used within the corporation. I feel that text messaging is not always the best form of communication towards employees and it is better to use other forms of communication. I have noticed that in the workplace social media can be a disturbance and can cause people to procrastinate on tasks.

Agree or disagree within 2-3 sentences

2.When trying to promote global competitiveness of firms in the U.S., there could be several different policies that would help. One of the issues is the tariffs trade barriers and nontariff trade barriers. A foreign country could use nontariff trade barriers such as dumping policies or import quotas in order to minimize the amount of trade from the United States. The U.S. can also implement the same strategies to allow their companies to perform well. If the U.S.

Agree or disagree within 2-3 sentences

all answers need to be numbered

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