Management of Technology and Innovation: Case Study -Real Time Business Intelligence at Continental Airlines.

Follow all the instruction and answer with properly CITATION AND REFERENCES , NO PLAGIARISM. APA Format.Case Study II-2Real-Time Business Intelligence at Continental AirlinesPAG: 284  (Attached 6 Pages Case Study)Materials RequiredBrown, C.V., DeHayes, D.W., Hoffer, J.A., Martin, W.E., & Perkins, W.C. (2012). Managing information technology (7th ed.). Don Mills, Ontario: Pearson Education.Objectives:Review real world problems, and :1-Identifyelements of decision-making.2-  Description of intended project selecting a case study,explaining why, anddescribing how this choice fits within the context of the course. (Management of Technology and Innovation )

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